The Henlow Flying Club Team

One thing is certain, if a company or Club is to operate well, it needs qualified and experienced staff.

HFC is fortunate to have a team of highly experienced and committed staff ensuring the safety of all members and visitors to our friendly club.

Listed below are the Key teams involved in our operation.

The Instructors

Paul Tribble

Instructor / Examiner

Paul started flying at the ripe old age of fourteen and obtained his commercial licence as soon as it was legal. He has since amassed many thousands of hours as a qualified Flight Instructor and is very enthusiastic about anything that flies. As a result, Paul maintains excellent flight training and teaching standards with many of his former students going on to secure professional careers with major airlines and the Royal Air Force. In his spare time he is involved in designing and building unmanned air vehicles.

John Germanos


John started flying at 17 years of age, firstly as a private pilot, enjoyed it so much he decided to give up a banking career to train as a commercial pilot. He has a wealth of flight training experience (as well as some interesting stories) and maintains very high standards of flight training with many of his former students flying for major airlines. He is renowned for great patience and has led many students, who experience difficulties with an area of their training, to success.

Andy Faulkner

Instructor / Examiner

Andy Wright

Instructor CFI

Andy brings a wealth of experience to the club; he gained his American CPL and IR in 2006 having previously done extensive flying throughout the UK and Europe in his own PA28 Arrow. He also holds a type rating on a Learjet 40/45 and occasionally can be found at FL430 over Europe.

From an engineering background, Andy has travelled all over the world. Since joining HFC Andy has had particular success in bringing lapsed PPL’s back up to today’s exacting standards. His calm disposition hides a wicked sense of humour.

Pete Hughes


Pete is a retired RAF Intelligence Officer now working for a defence consultancy company.

He has held a PPL for 24 years and having qualified as an instructor in 2009 is available to instruct evenings and weekends. Pete is a shareholder in a ‘taildragger’ that is kept at Henlow and has a particular interest in tail wheel aircraft.

Ash Bourne


Robert Holton


A much travelled sports fan with a zest for life; Rob has spent several years in Dubai.Having trained in the USA for his EASA licence, he holds a CPL IR and having completed his instructor rating he joined us in 2012. Rob is renowned for his enthusiasm and, for those who know him, his dress sense and quiet demeanour

Adam Pencharz


Sally Byers


The Operations Team

Les Clarke

Flight Operations

Les had a successful 30 year career in the fire service retiring in 2004. A memorable date for him was July 22 1993 (his birthday) when his wife bought him a Trial Lesson at Luton Flight Training – that was it! at the time a heavy smoker he vowed to quit to be able to afford to fly – he has never smoked since. Working in ops at Luton Flight Training until their closure in ’96 Les joined Henlow Flying Club and upon retirement from the fire service has been on ops duty several days a week. As well as fire cover, ops, first aid, health and safety Les is a key player in the Hurricanes our very own Henlow Flying Club rock band. Les is happy to take the right seat nowadays and is now fit and well having had both knees replaced in 2009.

Helen Davies

Flight Operations

Where would we be without our delightful Helen!

Simon Goldsmith

Flight Operations

Simon has been keen on aviation since childhood but it wasn’t until his mid thirties that he began to learn to fly. Back in 2000, whilst working as a publican locally he noticed low flying aircraft, curiosity got the better and the rest is history. He is a member of the “NODDY GROUP” (C150 Aerobat) & nowadays when not working ops part-time, he can be seen in the guardroom handing out passes rather than pulling pints.

Robert Goldsmith

Flight Operations

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