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If you look up when you hear a passing aircraft and wished you could fly, well you can, contact us for a trial lesson, it’s that simple.

Your session will begin with a short briefing during which your CAA Certified instructor will explain the basic principles of flight and the fundamental controls of the aircraft. You will then proceed out on to the airfield where you and the instructor will carry out the pre-flight check of the aircraft.

You will then take the captain’s seat and with the instructor seated beside you, start the engine and taxi to the runway. A few more checks are undertaken and then you ‘line up’ for take-off. As you accelerate along the runway the instructor will ask you to gently ‘ease back’ on the control column and you will take to the air and experience the joys of piloting like thousands of other people before you. Choose from the options on the right.

You can come on your own, book for a friend or even bring your friends along with you. Let us know what you want to do and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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